Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Wins Put On Your Shouting Shoes!

Obama Wins Put On Your Shouting Shoes! President Barack Obama is the next leader of the land!


Christine said...

I am surprised and confused, your blog appears to be christian based, yet there are all of these blogs saying victory for Obama. Yes, this was a great step for America and the world, but as a christian...with pentecostal ties it appears...how can you in good conscience be pleased with the new president? As both an Illinois legislator and as U.S. senator from Illinois, President Elect Barack Obama has consistently supported abortion rights. While arguing for the need to find common ground between those who are pro-life and those who support abortion, he has stated repeatedly that he does not know when life begins. He has opposed parental notification and consent, as well as the extension of SCHIP healthcare benefits to unborn children. He has voted against banning partial-birth abortion. President Elect Barack Obama has also pledged federal funding for abortion. This is not the direction a Christian would want the future to go. It would appear, that your vote was made strictly by race, and not of your conviction or beliefs. When that happens, you strengthen racial barriers that exist rather than erase them. "you must judge a man by the character of his heart and the content of his heart and not the color of his skin" Martin Luther King

Editor said...

Christine we are responding to your comment! We don't have to apologize for supporting President-elect Obama. We will not be moved by the cries of those who rail against abortion, and gay marriage when neither of these practices were stopped by either Bush Administration.

We are against either practice, but we are concerned about how our inner cities look like war zones. Were we moved by his color? Isn't that a tad bit racist when those of a lighter hue have voted 43 times in a row for someone of their own color? I am sorry but we just don't fall for the Karl Rove tricks any more! Your quoting of MLK was very selective also, get over it and pray for the new President!